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       苏州betway中国官网必威体育官方网站入口系统工程有限公司位于苏州高新区鹿山路环保产业园39栋。注册资金2020万;厂房面积5000多平方米;公司产品共同ISO9001质量管理体系认证以及 ISO1400是环境管理系列标准,本公司具有高级技术人员15名、设计师10人共计员工人数有110人,并有多支外派施工队伍,确保能够按时完成全国各地区的各项工程。本企业技术力量雄厚,具有自行设计、制造、安装的能力。并已于2012年初率先在新疆成立分公司,处理关于西北地区的各项事物,2012 年七月份,成立大连办事处,处理东北大区各项事务。为全国客户创造最优价值的必威体育官方网站入口服务。




Company Profile
       The Suzhou Haobo Laboratory System Engineering Co. The the (Saab Laboratory System Engineering Co., Ltd.) is located in the Suzhou New District, Tong West. Registered capital of 20.2 million; plant area of over 5000 square meters; 15 senior technicians, 10 designers Total number of employees 110 people, and how support expatriate construction team to ensure timely completion of various regions of the country, the project. The enterprise has strong technical force, with its own design, manufacturing, installed capacity, in 2011 the output value of 30 million yuan. And the first was in early 2012 to set up branch offices in Xinjiang, to deal with the things on the Northwest, established in July 2012, the Dalian office, to deal with the Northeast Region of things.
Laboratory services to create the best value to customers nationwide.

    Laboratory System Engineering Co., Ltd. Suzhou Haobo company's main products are various types of laboratory bench, balance tables, fume hoods, wall cabinets, medicine cabinets, storage cabinets, fume hood, universal exhaust hood, exhaust (wastewater) treatment equipment, the design and construction of the gas pipeline, purification laboratory, laboratory renovation, Epoxy construction, clean sterile console, emergency equipment, and all kinds of accessories, such as drip rack, distillation rack, shelving, laboratory faucet laboratory flume (min PP and SUS), fell into the water head, windmill motor, all kinds of experiments chair. And be able to complete a variety of specialty laboratory design and planning, such as P1, P2, P3, P4 biosafety lab, PCR lab, microbiology lab, HIV lab, constant temperature and humidity laboratory purification lab, animal lab and conventional industry sectors, the laboratory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine system laboratory, product quality inspection agency laboratories, agricultural inspection agency lab research incubator Lab, Research Institute laboratory, pharmaceutical inspection agency laboratory
medical inspection agency laboratories, environmental testing laboratories, water quality testing laboratory, nuclear power systems laboratory, public security system laboratory teaching system laboratory, factory laboratory.

    The company's long-term focus on technological innovation, with the accumulation of expertise in the field of laboratory equipment, and continuing to draw on advanced technology and design concepts of Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, combined with the development trend of the domestic market, developed a series of leading domestic level laboratory furniture and equipment. The company designs products, the appearance of calm and generous, flexible structure, easy to operate. And under the premise of maintaining the style of the product unchanged for different customer groups, respectively, developed steel, steel, wood, wooden high mid-range products.
These products, we have many excellent domestic enterprises, state organs, scientific research institutions, and other modern laboratory hardware facilities, elevated to the first-class level.

    'Righteousness, absorbing, we will always focus on professional specialization in this field, based on doing the domestic first-class laboratory engineering service providers, and continue to guide the new ideas, explore new technologies and the application of new materials, for the majority of enterprises and institutions The units provide the most health, safety, environmental protection and overall laboratory equipment, thus creating elegant and comfortable, beautiful and modern, productive research environment. Welcome new and old customers letter calls.

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